ASUS ROG GL552VW - Charge your Notebook PC

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Charge your Notebook PC


Connect the AC power cord to the AC/DC adapter.


Plug the AC power cord into a 100V~240V power source.


Connect the DC power connector into your Notebook PC’s power

(DC) input port.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



Locate the input/output rating label on your Notebook PC and

ensure that it matches the input/output rating information on your

power adapter. Some Notebook PC models may have multiple rating

output currents based on the available SKU.

Ensure that your Notebook PC is connected to the power adapter

before turning it on for the first time. We strongly recommend that

you use a grounded wall socket while using your Notebook PC on

power adapter mode.

The socket outlet must be easily accessible and near your Notebook


To disconnect your Notebook PC from its main power supply, unplug

your Notebook PC from the power socket.


Read the following precautions for your Notebook PC’s battery.

The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical

burn if removed or disassembled.

Follow the warning labels for your personal safety.

Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.

Do not dispose of in fire.

Never attempt to short-circuit your Notebook PC’s battery.

Never attempt to disassemble and reassemble the battery.

Discontinue usage if leakage is found.

The battery and its components must be recycled or disposed of


Keep the battery and other small components away from children.

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Notebook PC E-Manual